About SHA

Worldwide based brand, building a connection between luxury and human values, founded in 2019, Amsterdam.

SHA means "King" and everyone is a King in their own way.

Welcome in the world of SHA, please give us 45 seconds to explain who we are. First of all SHA means King in the Persian dictionary, we like to introduce you a brand that brings fashion and respect, instead of a brand that only expresses "expensive" & "well-doing", our mission is to establish a worldwide brand that will be recongnized as respecting the different human values in world. Every single human being is a king in their own way and must be respected like that. Even if that doesn't match your own standards. The name SHA is inspired by the formal king of Persia, he mostly wasn't called by his name but always called SHA, this was because everyone respected him as a just king, everyone was free from gender, color, religion, culture, ideal etc. All didn't matter. Everyone was valued and could do and believe what they wanted. The brand SHA his opinion is that this is the most beautifull way of thinking. This is also our base for the brand SHA. Get your special SHA piece now and become an ambassodor of RESPECT.


SHA is an active and innovative company who stand for the best payable quality. Our materials are always the best of the best. Our special braided rope can tow weights up to 95 kilograms, they are water resistant and wear-resistant. All product come with an authentic certificate with unique stamp and with registered serial number. Outstanding jewelery boxes and pouch bag. The SHA pearl is a freshwater pearl. Besided this the product are all hand crafted.